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Benefits Of Steel Buildings

Benefits Of Steel Buildings

2 years ago


Steel structures and modular buildings have become the norm for new buildings in the industrial and agricultural fields, and the same attributes that make them work for large companies will make them excellent additions to a new home. If you’re looking to add to your home or need some extra storage on your property, here are a few reasons you should consider a metal building.

Custom, Quality Steel Buildings

Many people might assume that a portable building would not offer the customization of a contractor-planned building, but Buildings And More offers a range of structures to meet any need and taste, from metal carports to storage buildings. Depending on the size and purpose of your steel building, you may not need a permit – a time-consuming process for any traditional construction.

Strong As Steel

Steel is one of the strongest building materials available, and every steel structure we offer is made of 100% U.S. steel and manufactured to rigid standards for durability and safety. Steel structures are also impermeable to termites, insects, and other pests, which makes them ideal for outlying structures or additions that are usually susceptible to pests. Additionally, since steel is much lighter than wood, concrete, and other traditional components, a metal building can be built taller and larger than a traditional structure, with decreased stress on the foundation of your home.

Reliable, Quick Construction

Choosing a steel building reduces many of the design and site hurdles that conventional construction would face. With no need for design or architectural drawings, and with almost no wasted materials, a portable building can be placed days or weeks after your purchase, rather than months.

Minimal Ongoing Costs

Once you’ve purchased your new metal building, there are almost no additional costs. Steel buildings are incredibly resistant to unpredictable weather, and any maintenance costs will be minimal over the life of your building. Even wooden structures like gazebos or screen rooms are made with pressure-treated pine designed to stand the test of time.

Financing Where You Need It

In addition to the reduced cost of labor and materials for the new addition to your home, Buildings And More offers flexible financing and rent-to-own options for most of our inventory of steel buildings. You can always purchase your new structure outright if you choose, but we offer the flexibility to receive the same great service with friendly financing terms.

You Can Take It With You

Unlike permanent construction, you can take a portable building with you if you move to a new home down the road. A new screen room will often become a favorite place in your home, but choosing a portable screen room means that a moving company will easily be able to transport your favorite outdoor spot to your new home.

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