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The True Cost of Renting a Storage Unit

The True Cost of Renting a Storage Unit

3 years ago


Even with the average home size increasing, the need for storage continues to grow. The average lease for residential self-storage is 11 to 12.5 months, and commercial storage needs are even greater. The average commercial self-storage lease ranges from 23 to 24 months, giving storage companies ample opportunity to reap financial benefits from your crowded space.

While rental prices for storage units range depending on location and facility, spending a year or two paying storage fees isn’t the best option financially when you can rent to own your own space, or purchase a custom storage unit outright. In addition to the fees you pay to rent your storage unit, you’ll need to factor in time and money spent driving to and from the storage facility when you need to get your items out.

Instead, consider purchasing a portable storage building or renting to own. Not only is this a better deal financially, but you will also always have immediate access to whatever items you keep in storage. Plus, even if you move homes, you can easily take the storage building with you so you have it available on your new property.

We offer several financing options, with rent-to-own programs that feature low down payments and affordable payment options that fit your budgets. Our storage buildings can also be built with your custom needs in mind, so you never have to settle for what the storage company has to offer. And because it’s your building, you don’t have to worry about shoddy storage unit upkeep.

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